Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Life in hyderabad!!!

Hyderabad has been one of the beautiful places I have seen in my life.
I still cannot believe I spent 3 years of my life there. I would like to bring out some of my experiences in Hyderabad through this post. (Not all because this happened almost 8-9 years back!!!)

My father was transferred to Hyderabad. Our whole family had to shift to Hyderabad.
We were still searching for a good house. We could not find one soon. Moreover, my school was about to start soon. So, we occupied a house close to my school. My grandmother joined us almost a month late after we shifted to a new house.
The thing that always amazed me about Hyderabad was the name given to its different streets- Narayanaguda, Kachiguda, Domalguda, Chikkadpally, Kukkadpally and many more funny names. When I first heard them I burst out laughing loudly.
Some of the places in Hyderabad are amazing- Tank bund, Ramoji Film City, Birla Mandir, Lumbini Park, N.T.R. Park and many more.

Our new house had a river flowing behind it(which didn't look like one though) which was named Musi river.
One morning, when I was deep asleep, my mother woke me up. I was astonished to see the Musi river flooded. This was the time when floods occurred in Hyderabad. The current in the river was very high. I still remember people on the other side of the river crying aloud as their houses were carried away by the river. The sight of a house falling and being carried away by the river is very much fresh and green in my mind. It was a very sad situation and a pitiable one. All schools and colleges were declared closed for 3 days.
It took quite a while for all of us to get out of the situation.

I was very close to my grand mother(father's mother). She never ever scolded me in my entire life. She always told me nice and interesting stories. She always came to my rescue whenever my mother scolded me. My mid term exams of class 3 were nearing. One morning, my grand mother was hospitalized because of vomiting. The same afternoon she was struck by paralysis and she slipped into coma and passed away peacefully that evening.
All my relatives stormed into our house at Hyderabad. I was crying the whole day. I felt as though my life had come to an end. The last rites were performed. All my relatives left to their homes.
I was sad and plain for many more months to follow. No one in this world understood what big a hole was created in my life. My parents always consolidated me.(Tears are pouring down my eyes as I write this)

Life went on. My final exams of class 3 neared and finished in a hurry. I was still in grief. But I was becoming better day by day. My holidays came. My parents took me to Bangalore where I met my relatives. Then I went to my mother's birth place which is near Sringeri. I stayed there for a few days and then returned to Hyderabad. The incident was almost forgotten by now.
Class 4 began. Since I was not that good in Hindi as compared to my classmates, my mother forced me to join Hindi tuition and I had to. During my stay at Hyderabad I went to 5 different tuition centers.
In the mean time, I had made quite a lot of friends. I would play cricket and sometimes football almost everyday. I would always gaze at the clock waiting for it to turn 5.p.m as fast as possible as my mother would allow me to go and play.
Time passed on. Sankranti festival arrived. It is celebrated very grandly in this part of India. Varieties of kites add color to the sky through their presence. My parents also took me to a kite competition where kite fliers from different parts of India as well as from abroad came and took part in the competition.
Holi was the next festival to arrive. As all of you know, it is the festival of color. I thoroughly enjoyed it by getting myself totally coloured and also throwing coloured water at my friends. This is one of the best holi festivals I have had in my life.
By now I had moved into class 5. There was new subject(3rd language) which was to be taken this year. I chose Sanskrit as my 3rd language. It was a new subject which I really liked. I would like to mention my teacher's name - Shashi pandey as I scored a centum in my final exam in a totally foreign like subject.

The cricket fever was everywhere. It was the 2003 World Cup. I and my friends watched almost every match. If the match featured Indian team playing in it, then me and my friends would watch it together and support for team India.
It was then the final match. Team India had performed really well to reach the finals. All of us had made big posters showing our support. But it was a major setback to all of us as Team India suffered a heavy defeat in the last match.
Meanwhile my father was transferred back to Bangalore.
I had to leave my friends, my school and go. It was very tough. But it is all a part and parcel of life.

The fact that always hurts me is that we went to Hyderabad as a family of 4 and left Hyderabad as a family of 3.
I have not visited Hyderabad for the last 8 years. I hope to visit it at-least during this break.

I have put in my best effort to include all the incidents that happened in my  life during my stay in Hyderabad which was more like a dream!!!

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