Sunday, 29 May 2011

rvce first year

One year has already gone by in rvce. I feel it was only yesterday that I joined rv. 
 The first few days of rv are still fresh and green in my mind.
It all started of with the inaugural function which had around 4000-5000 people. Then came the orientation program where I made a few friends. I came to know more about rv.

I still remember the first day at rv. The class was almost filled when I entered. I managed to get a seat for myself in the first row(as no other place was empty). I got to know my classmates better.
The first few days at rv went on smoothly. Then came the quizzes and the tests. These were a little different from normal ones. We were a little tensed to begin with as these would add to our final marks.(Now we have got adjusted to it)
The first semester flew by without much colour(except for the kannada sangha program).
Then came the final exam which was the first of its kind in rv. It was followed by the holidays which spanned almost a month which gave all of us enough space for a breather away from our busy schedule.

Second semester
The second semester was more fun filled. There were more fests and more fun.
We all got a first hand experience when we organised science fest Genesis-11.
I was part of the paper presentation event which was one of the main events of the fest. It went on well with a few hiccups here and there. But the fest was a huge success. The rain was like icing on the cake which poured heavily on that day.
One week later was the EC, TC, IS and IT fests. The fests were very well organized.
I took part in mock CAT event to get an idea of it. But it turned out to be much better as I made it to the top 6.
Even second semester came to an end with the semester end exam.

The last one year has been really nice. I have made a lot of friends. To name a few Sunil, Ranjan, Karthik, Reshma, Sushma, Raksha, Nair, Rohit and many more. (very sorry not to mention all of you)

I hope my holidays go on well. I will post one on that soon.


  1. try to bring out the Crazy teachers don't need to be mentioned, we had ofcourse in both the semester If you are posting once more.
    But I'm deviating from most of your views. I really cant remember first day of my class. Also You cant say these dept fests to be well organised since we had to go through

  2. Nice to comment on all that you should hav...i think it would be nice to praise some teahers who were really worthy...and also mention their good quality...if any teacher goes on to read this, let they know what mistake and what good things they really were a good feedback...[Remember all i am saying this because you forced me to comment something...plz dont get angry on me...(plz teacher[if u r one..] dont take this into your heart...plzzzzzz)]