Friday, 28 February 2014


This is one of the trips that will be etched in my memory for a long period of time. It was a very enjoyable trip which added to my life a lot of happy memories.

Well this was not the first time I visited Kerala. It was the third time but for a different reason though. It was my friend's sister's marriage. The trip was ON since long but arrangements were made just in time. So it was a Marriage cum Jolly Trip.

8 of us set out from Bangalore to Ernakulam. We spoke a lot over the Bus ride and came to more about our own friends deeply. At the end of it "What happens in Kerala stays in Kerala".

DAY 1:
It was morning and a hot and humid place was in store for us. This was the first Kerala Style marriage I attended. It started with the breakfast where we ate Appam Stew. It was delicious and my mouth still waters remembering it. Then we went to the Marriage place. It happened in a different way and I liked a few things about it. Then came the lunch. I had a hard time remembering the names of the dishes.(Reminds me of the Onam Lunch at Rohith's place)
It was a sumptuous meal.

We took rest for a while and then set out for Marine Drive in the evening. Kerala is known for its boat rides and this was the first of the boat rides we had there and it was worth it. Then it was time for LuLu mall which is supposedly the 2nd largest mall in India. It didn't let us down. It was humongous in fact. All of us were tired and crashed after we came back.

DAY 2:
We started to Alleppey early in the day. The Payasam at the Ambalapuzha Krishna temple was just like Amrutam. We reached the place around noon. We finished lunch and came to house boat place. The place is famous for its back-waters and house boats. It was a 2 hour long ride which gave us a lot of joy. Lots of photos, dance, crazy masti summarized the boat ride. 

It was time for beach time now. It was amazing playing at the beach. It brought out the kid in each one of us. We all played like the world was going to end the very next day! Roaring waves, Castles made in sand, Setting sun added to the golden moment of the trip. 

Later we reached Ernakulam and had our dinner. We started playing cards. We didn't know it would turn out to be so much fun that we go on to play till 3.30 am next morning!!! 

DAY 3:

Even though we were lack of sleep there was no lack of energy. It was another awesome day to be looking forward to but sadly the last day of the trip. We boarded a bus to Fort Kochi. Chinese fishing nets attracted our attention. I hadn't seen this type of fishing earlier. It was time for some shopping. This place attracts tourists from everywhere. It is famous for handicraft items, hand made stuff etc. 

We then visited the Mattanchery Palace/Dutch Palace. It gave us more insight into the place history and how it has become the place what it is now. Later we went to the Jew town and found peace after lots of walking and talking. 
It was then the last boat ride of the trip which took us back to Ernakulam. 

   Picture taken from the boat
It was time for some Pizza. We ate so much food in such less time. I still cannot forget it! 
It was time to leave the Villa! 

We then boarded the train. It was still not end of the trip. We had lots of fun playing the Truth/Dare game. It was 12 am soon. It was Reshma's birthday where it was special celebrating it by cutting cake in the train! 

The journey had to finally come to an end after having made memories for a life time!!! Then it reminded me of "Don't be sad because it ended, be Happy because it happened" 

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